Best Pediatric Trauma and Deformity in Lucknow

Pediatric Trauma and Deformity

Dr. Divyanshu Dutt stands as the best pediatric trauma and deformity specialist in Lucknow. Famous for his exceptional expertise, he excels in the management of childhood fractures and injuries, employing both conservative and operative approaches. With a collaborative approach alongside intensivists and paediatricians, Dr. Dutt ensures comprehensive solutions. Specializing in correcting deformities like knock knees and bow legs, he is celebrated for his proficiency in addressing cubitus varus and cubitus valgus. Families trust Dr Divyanshu Dutt for his unparalleled commitment to providing the best pediatric trauma and deformity care, making him a cornerstone in Lucknow’s medical landscape.

Best Pediatric Trauma and Deformity in Lucknow, Dr. Divyanshu works in close association with intensivists and paediatrician and successfully manages conservatively and operatively various childhood fracture and injury cases. He also routinely corrects childhood deformities such as knock knees (genu valgum), bow legs, cubitus varus, and cubitus valgus.

Pediatric Trauma and Deformity

Musculoskeletal injuries in the pediatric population are unique and require a thorough evaluation by a trained specialist. Unlike adults, many of the injuries may be treated closely due to the amazing growth and remodelling potential of children. Special consideration should be given to treating certain fracture patterns to prevent the long-term consequences of growth deformities. Previously, we discussed about Minimal Invasive Surgery.

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